On Call Bathroom Renovation

Usually, renovating a home can be time consuming, frustrating and stressful. Thankfully, these words don’t apply to OnCall BSI. As experienced renovation experts, we aim to deliver exceptional results that will impress the toughest of critics. Whether you want to add extra space or transform the look of a room, we can work with you to get the job done using our team of qualified trades.

Equally important, kitchen renovations are our speciality, and we try to be in sync with all the new trends and designs. An emphasis on customer service and attention to detail allows our team to build kitchens using top of the line materials that reflect your needs and choices. Above all, we aim to ensure that customers get the best, and quality kitchen renovations are no exception.

Since bathrooms have evolved over the years, the simple commode, sink, and shower area no longer get the job done. Is your bathroom floor chipped and revealing grout? Or maybe it just looks too old-fashioned. Naturally, you want something that captures your vision – something that looks appealing and extravagant.
Your bathroom might not be the room where you spend most of your day. However, this room is essential for the house, from taking a soothing shower to enjoying a hot bath. For this reason, we should consider the bathroom renovation as well.

Laundry rooms are essential to any home, but their organizational needs can often get overlooked. When renovating, we use modern materials and efficient storage spaces to give your laundry area a much-needed makeover. Granted that, let us help you create a clean and tranquil space to make doing laundry easy.